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As a boutique marketing agency owner, you have the unique opportunity to create strategy, branding, marketing funnels and more for your clients. As you begin the processes of re-branding their business, re-designing their website and creating new advertising methods for them, you’re putting together a great marketing package. But, as these plans and strategies come together and the project begins to wind down, do you have the team and structure to continue working with these clients to create content for their on-going marketing efforts? Essentially, do you have a scalable content creation solution?

Having worked in the marketing agency world for a long time, along with our combined experience in marketing, communications, and public relations, we have seen this issue come up time and time again. You put in a great strategy, plan or funnel, but as the project comes to an end, so much of that hard work can go unnoticed or fail to continue to convert simply because your clients don’t have a way to constantly create content and you don’t have a scalable solution to offer them either.

Your payroll is tapped out for new hires and your current team is already stretched thin. So, what kind of scalable content creation solution is out there that could actually work?

This problem is one of the biggest reasons why we started ezContent in the first place – to meet a growing need of boutique marketing agencies and small businesses. The natural questions that come up are… Why would I want to do this? How does the white label work? What would this offer me as a boutique marketing agency owner? How would it benefit my clients?

Why would I want to do this?

Simply put, adding in a content marketing machine would not only allow you to offer a lot more value to your clients, but it has the potential to keep them as on-going clients month after month, instead of things dropping off once the project has wrapped up. By continuing to be able to offer them blog posts, social images, videos, and designed emails to fill their content marketing funnel, you’ll have more on-going clients and therefore an increase in on-going, monthly revenue.

How does the white label work?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “white label” it is essentially re-selling a product or service produced by another company. In this case, we can act as your back end team, creating all of the content and simply delivering it to you or your project managers to pass on to your clients. You are also able to price the packages at a rate that makes sense for your business and team. Aside from the white label approach, we also have a referral program. If you’d prefer to simply refer your clients to a content source, instead of keeping up with everything every month, we have a great system that would also benefit your business by passing clients along to our offerings. Feel free to shoot us a message anytime to learn more about this.

What would this offer me as a boutique marketing agency owner?

First and foremost, you now are able to offer a completely new service or if you’re already offering content creation on a smaller basis, you can expand your team and offerings at a fraction of the cost of hiring new team members. Basically, you can acquire a complete content team without ever actually hiring a new employee. The additional offering of content creation or expansion of this offering could potentially pay large dividends each month as you keep clients on a more on-going basis. Add to it, a very low-cost alternative and you’ve got an affordable and potentially revenue increasing scalable content creation solution!

How would it benefit my clients?

From start to finish, your clients can know and trust that their marketing efforts are 100% handled and they don’t have to worry about a thing. You’ve created a great strategy and plan, you’ve added sales funnels and ads and now, you’ve got an easy solution to continue their content marketing each and every month with very little effort from them – or you! You are now a one-stop shop and your clients never have to worry about their marketing efforts again.

If you’d like to learn more about our content creation solutions or how everything works, then check out this video from our CCO, Savannah Abney, outlining our “why” and how we can partner with boutique marketing agencies and small businesses alike.

They make the onboarding process so easy and I never have to worry that the content won't be delivered , not have the SEO keywords or be published exactly how we discussed it. I am extremely pleased with every service I have received from the team.
Marni Hale
Business and Marketing Consultant

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