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Consultants work around 50-60 hours per week, and in some high-pressure periods, these hours can increase significantly.

The Growth Struggle for Small Agencies

In the competitive world of small agencies, growth often hinges on the ability to scale effectively. However, this ambition frequently encounters a significant roadblock: the challenge of internal hiring. Small agencies find themselves in a constant battle to attract and retain the right talent, which is not only costly but also time-consuming. This struggle is compounded by the reality that many agency owners and their teams end up bogged down with tasks they despise, far removed from their core passions and expertise. The result is a detrimental cycle where growth is stymied by operational inefficiencies and a dwindling enthusiasm for the work, leading to decreased productivity and potentially impacting the quality of service offered to clients.

How It Works

The Marketing Machine


Pair you with a Breezy team member and a process aligned with your objectives.


Work together to establish and implement an efficient, ongoing workflow.


Utilize our portal for monthly check-ins, feedback, approvals, and guidance.


Review results and strategize with you for the upcoming month’s direction.


Learn more about what our content team can do for your consulting business.


Breezy Content empowers businesses to expand their services and scale effortlessly. Our expert marketing solutions enable you to broaden your offerings and grow your team without the complexities of hiring and training. This approach allows for swift adaptation to market needs and strategic scaling, providing a seamless path for business growth and evolution.


Agencies excel in creative design, yet often require consistent designers and developers to bring their visions to life, especially when expanding into website development. Partnering with a service for these expert skills allows agencies to focus on their design strengths while seamlessly broadening their offerings, ensuring they deliver top-notch creativity and comprehensive solutions to their clients


Learn more about what our content team can do for your consulting business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Breezy Company transcends the traditional marketing agency model. We offer a reliable and scalable solution for building your marketing team, enriched with tools and processes honed from our extensive marketing experience.

Our pricing structure is based on a subscription model without binding contracts. This allows you to choose from our range of plans to best suit your needs, offering flexibility and convenience.

While our focus isn’t on one-off projects, we understand the occasional need for quick task completion. For such instances, we provide custom quotes for existing members on any plan, ensuring your immediate needs are met.

Breezy prioritizes compatibility and efficiency. If your matched team member isn’t meeting your expectations, simply inform your account manager. We will promptly match you with another professional, ensuring smooth continuity.

Our team is adept at generating creative ideas and primarily focuses on production. However, we do offer strategic guidance from seasoned professionals and will seamlessly integrate these strategies with your team’s efforts.

Absolutely not! Our philosophy is to cultivate satisfied clients without contractual constraints. You are free to cancel at any time and only need to complete the month for which you’ve paid.

We firmly believe in the value Breezy brings, born from a genuine need observed across numerous businesses. We encourage you to try our services and experience the difference we can make for your business.

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Content Marketing Team that plans, writes and designs your social media and articles.

Website Designers and Developers that make sure your site is running at it’s best.