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Consultants work around 50-60 hours per week, and in some high-pressure periods, these hours can increase significantly.

Do you have to explain away your marketing material to your Customers?

We have all been there. The cobbler's shoes are the most worn. You have just been recommended or connected with a prospect. The first thing they do is check you out on LinkedIn and your website to see if you are who you say you are. The problem is you have not had the time to make your messaging, thought-leadership content or website as good as you actually are.


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How It Works

The Marketing Machine


Pair you with a Breezy team member and a process aligned with your objectives.


Work together to establish and implement an efficient, ongoing workflow.


Utilize our portal for monthly check-ins, feedback, approvals, and guidance.


Review results and strategize with you for the upcoming month’s direction.


Sometimes you just need someone to point the team in the right direction. From customer messaging and funnel strategies to content pillars and website technology structure. Breezy Strategy Engagements puts as seasoned marketing strategist in-charge of guiding in-depth strategic sessions using proven frameworks.


As an expert in your field, you may take for granted the years of wisdom stuck in your head. You know you need to be creating articles, videos and customer quotes to share on LinkedIn. You simply don’t have the time to pull it off. Breezy Content plans, writes, designs and publishes all of your social media, blog, lead generation, and email content.


You just made a large connection that you know could be big. It’s the first time you have thought about your website is months or even years. You notice, the messaging is completely out of date, there appears to be design conflicts, in fact the design simply looks dated. Or even worse you find that it is broken. Breezy Sites refines your website’s servers, code and user experience every month so that is as excellent as your business. 


Learn more about what our content team can do for your consulting business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Breezy Company transcends the traditional marketing agency model. We offer a reliable and scalable solution for building your marketing team, enriched with tools and processes honed from our extensive marketing experience.

Our pricing structure is based on a subscription model without binding contracts. This allows you to choose from our range of plans to best suit your needs, offering flexibility and convenience.

While our focus isn’t on one-off projects, we understand the occasional need for quick task completion. For such instances, we provide custom quotes for existing members on any plan, ensuring your immediate needs are met.

Breezy prioritizes compatibility and efficiency. If your matched team member isn’t meeting your expectations, simply inform your account manager. We will promptly match you with another professional, ensuring smooth continuity.

Our team is adept at generating creative ideas and primarily focuses on production. However, we do offer strategic guidance from seasoned professionals and will seamlessly integrate these strategies with your team’s efforts.

Absolutely not! Our philosophy is to cultivate satisfied clients without contractual constraints. You are free to cancel at any time and only need to complete the month for which you’ve paid.

We firmly believe in the value Breezy brings, born from a genuine need observed across numerous businesses. We encourage you to try our services and experience the difference we can make for your business.

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Get your very own content dashboard that includes a custom content calendar along with analytics from your website and all social media channels.


Learn more about what our content team can do for your consulting business.

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