Content Marketing: Is It Worth It?

content marketing

Everyone is shouting about content marketing, but as a business owner, all you’re concerned with is “Will it help generate qualified leads?” You need those leads to grow and sustain your business and we get it! This is what marketing, and especially content marketing is all about.


Content marketing means that you are creating custom content in order to garner leads, become visible, and foster strong connections. This content is used to fulfill a need your customers have while establishing you as a respected expert in the field when they need your goods and services. Content marketing helps you become visible in your field without coming off as sales-y. This increased visibility means increased leads and more conversions.


You may have other questions about content marketing like:
– Will engaging with a content marketing team help increase the number of leads I get?
– Will content marketing help drive business goals and help my organization grow?
– Is it worth investing in?


The answer is YES to all of these!


Drive Leads with Content Marketing


The first step to driving leads with content marketing is to research your target audience. Create buyer personas, fictional documents that contain details of your ideal customers, to determine what kinds of content would resonate with them. Conduct extensive market research to see what questions your customers are asking about your field and what SEO terms will be most effective at generating the leads you want. Once you know what your customers need, you can join the conversation and channel your audience to your site.

The next step
is to create your content. These can be ebooks, reports, webinars, quizzes, videos, courses, or any type of content that will create value for your customers. Study what is already working on your website; what is capturing your visitor’s attention, has a low bounce rate, and triggers more comments. Study the popular publications in your field to see what content is resonating with your intended audience; take a look at the top-ranked articles on search engines to see how to write headlines that will capture clicks.


Your content should accomplish three specific things:


– Solve an immediate and specific problem for your audience
– Be short enough to be used immediately
– Be accessible immediately to your lead.


But what good is your content if your audience can’t find it? Content syndication makes sure that your quality content is found on websites across the internet that reach large audiences. This is a win/win situation as your content reaches a wider audience and the syndicator gets free content to bring in readers.

Step three
in your content marketing strategy is ensuring that you have a high-quality landing page to capture all the new leads your content will be bringing in. 


Some best practices to consider when designing your new landing page:

– Remove the navigation bar to make sure users do not click away.
– Give your visitors only two options: convert or click away.
– Make your call to action button highly visible.
– Run A/B tests to ensure that your page remains relevant and useful.


Your landing page should also be aesthetically pleasing and usable for visitors. Strong headlines and call to actions will ensure that your leads know how to access the content they came for. Social proofs are also compelling for users and will help you convert visitors to leads.



Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and, dollar for dollar, is 3x more effective than traditional marketing efforts. In today’s authenticity-driven consumer culture, content marketing ensures that your business remains a relevant and expert source in your industry. You owe it to yourself to investigate content marketing and how it can generate better leads to grow your business.



Let us make it easy for you!



While extremely worthwhile, content marketing takes a lot of time, attention and effort that can keep you from actually running your business. If you’re finding yourself in that boat regularly, than you need this content strategy. Download our free guide to creating on-going content when you don’t have time to.

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