Scaling Your Marketing Consultant Services

As a freelance marketing consultant, you are skilled in helping other businesses scale and gain exposure for their brand.

But how can you scale your own business?

If you have reached the point where you are:

– Putting in a ton of hours but not seeing a boost in income.

– Struggling to handle or bring in more clients.

– Lacking the freedom that should come with being a consultant.

You should look at changing the way you’re operating as an independent marketing consultant.

Scaling Your Marketing Consultant Services

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Start Outsourcing Your Marketing Consultant Services

Think about all the tasks you perform as a consultant? Planning content. Meeting with clients. Creating strategies. These tasks take up precious time. Not only can trying to get it all done by yourself lead to burnout, but you also aren’t able to focus completely on gaining more clients and scaling your business. This is where outsourcing can be a big help!

Hiring a virtual assistant or a freelancer can help you offload certain tasks that you don’t really have to do yourself. Think about the tasks that take time out of your day and make a list of them. Things like customer service and even certain marketing work can be done by someone else. Focus on your specialty (the things you are best at) and focus on delivering value directly to your client.

You can also outsource services that you currently aren’t offering or haven’t been able to so far. Like social media content services, website development, or blog writing.

Create a Great System For Your Marketing Consultant Services

One way to scale your business is to change your system for offering services. Instead of trying to tackle each client’s needs in the form of customizable projects, go for packages.

While customization is not inherently bad and shouldn’t be ruled out completely, it can take more labor and resources to complete projects.

Streamline the process of doing business by taking stock of the most common client needs and offer packages that suit those needs. Packages are also easier to market and pull in new clients that will know what to expect from your business.

Create Partnerships With Other Businesses

Forming partnerships with other businesses are a great way to reduce your workload while expanding the amount and variety of services you are able to offer your clients. Instead of stretching yourself or your team thin to create new content, you can utilize white label marketing. You might be wondering what “white label marketing” is and how it can benefit both you and your clients.

White label marketing is the practice of reselling content produced by another company. With the white label approach, you don’t have to worry about being unable to consistently create videos, copy, email and other marketing material for a client’s funnel or campaign.

Maybe you wish to add web design or PPC services to your business, but don’t have the time or expertise. Connecting with a white label company enables you to do just that.

Without having to hire another employee, you have gained access to a content marketing team that can provide a scalable content solution.

Create an Evergreen Downloadable Resource

Moving away from providing services directly to creating a digital product, can be a great move for a digital marketing consultant who is looking to scale. Products like membership sites, ebooks, or online courses can be created once, updated every now and then and sold repeatedly.

Instead of offering your consultations to clients in a one-on-one format, you’ll be able to teach numerous clients through a single product while simultaneously scaling your consultations.

By learning how to outsource and streamline your business, you can take on more clients, see a boost in your revenue, and scale as a marketing consultant.

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