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Make Money and Use Your Skills to Create Client Content from Anywhere

Stop Working Boring Communication Jobs

When you graduate, you are promised a career that will fulfill your dreams. If you get a job at all, you end up writing in a cool prison meant to keep you working on someone else’s terms. You’ve lost your freedom and you aren’t necessarily doing what you were trained to do. There has do be a better way.


Use your social media and writing skills from anywhere.

What is Breezy?

Breezy is a content marketing team that gives you the tools, the process, and the payment to create social media and blog content from anywhere.


Take our CC Test to get a sense of the job and so we can see what you can do!
Get our complete process, software, and design team.
Get matched with your first client and choose how many you would like to work with.
Learn your client’s business, industry and become an extension of their team.
Make Money, Use Your Skills and Work from Anywhere. 🙂


Use your social media and writing skills from anywhere.

Get Everything You Need to Be Successful

The Process

Use Breezy’s Process to Handle the Workload Systematically.

The Tools

We give you tools like: Email, Slack, Hootsuite, Airtable to Manage the Whole Process.

The Design

You don’t even have to worry about design. Our design team takes your requests and delivers them so all you have to worry about is planning, writing and scheduling.

The Training

Our team of experienced marketers and a growing team of content creator like you provide ongoing insight that will make your job better and easier.

The Client

We do the hard job of sales and marketing and hand you a client that id paying and ready to go.

The Payment

You get a percentage of each client you work on and can grow your client base as large as you would like!

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