What is White Label Content Creation?

What is it?

Have you heard the term white label before? What do you typically think about when you hear this term? Some think of a store or brand’s “generic” line. A major store may have their “own line” but in reality, they have outsourced the creation of those goods and products to other vendors and are then are able to put their own label on these products. This is one form of a white label. There are many different ways you can utilize this strategy and white label content creation is one of them.

Who is it for?

As a boutique marketing agency, you are doing incredible work for clients like brainstorming new branding, implementing new strategies, creating funnels and more. But, after that is all said and done, do you have the scalability and personnel to keep constant content creation going for your clients?

We have found a few things to be true over our years of experience in content marketing.

1. It must be consistent – if fresh content isn’t being churned out on a consistent basis then other plans, strategies, and funnels will fail.

2. It must be scalable – typically the business or organization that you’re working with doesn’t have the resources or team to create the amount of fresh content they need on a week to week basis. They need a content creator or content machine to churn this out for them. This is where a scalable solution becomes very important.

Maybe this is where your agency comes in, but maybe you’re thinking “We don’t have the team or scalability to be able to offer this right now either.” But – what if you did? What if you could hire an entire content creation team without ever hiring another employee? That’s what a white label content creation service can offer.

What are the benefits?

There are quite a few benefits to white label content creation. Here are a few:

1. Low cost, high quality: You will get an entire team of writers, designers, social media, and project mangers without ever having to hire an employee yourself. The cost savings are a given, not to mention the time and effort you will also save. By using a white label content creation service, all you have to do is supply information and you’ll receive a bundle of content for your client every month. Easy peasy!

2. A new service offering: By using a white label content creation service, you can simply order the content services or creation through that company and supply it to your clients or you can actually resell it (given that the company you are using allows for this) and have a brand new service offering with little to no effort from you! You can re-sell packages or individual products to your already existing client base, creating more revenue for your business easily!

3. Ensure your strategies go farther: As we mentioned before, we have seen so many marketing strategies rise and fall on the content that was/was not being created to continue to fill the funnel of that particular campaign. The reality is that constant content has to be created in order for a funnel or content marketing strategy to succeed. It’s tough when you get to the end of the project and the client doesn’t have the scalability to make it happen and as a marketing professional, you don’t have the scalability to offer it. Enter the white label content creation service. Having this option not only gives you a low-cost, high-quality service to offer but could actually ensure that your strategies and funnels work more effectively leading to more business and satisfied clients!

Why does it matter?

We simply can’t emphasize enough how crucial content creation is and even more so the consistency of that content creation. As a marketing professional, you already know this, but through our own experience, we have found that we tended to push this towards the back burner time and time again. That led to some of our well-thought-out and creative strategies simply not reaching their greatest potential. We want to help other marketing agency owners and professionals avoid this. That’s one of the reasons we created Breezy – so that marketing professionals and business owners a like would have an easy, all-in-one solution for their content creation needs.

Want more information on our white label and how it works? Shoot us a message anytime.

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