Your Website Says a Lot About Your Business

Breezy Sites is a subscription that provides a website manager to refine your uptime, speed, searchability, and story – making it as excellent as your business is.

Discover Breezy Sites:
Your Expert Website Management Team

Your business deserves a top-notch website, and Breezy Sites is here to deliver just that. While creating a website might seem simple, the reality involves tackling search engines, user engagement, and load times—all essential for drawing in and retaining customers. At Breezy Sites, we offer a subscription-based service that pairs you with a dedicated site manager. This manager will refine your website’s performance and aesthetics continuously based on your unique business needs. With agile support and the ability to provide visual feedback, you can ensure your website goes beyond being a mere online brochure—it becomes a compelling experience that elevates your online presence.

Breezy Sites approaches your website as an agile piece of software that needs:

Solid Story & Strategy

Fast Load Times

Responsive Design

Great user experience

Anytime Support


We Call it Agile Support


We match you with a site manager​


You choose a group of support blocks that work for your cash flow


We recommend a strategic focus


We work monthly to improve your site.



Your subscription has your site manager working on a focus based on your plan. At anytime, you can make a request and your site manager will stop and refocus on your request.

Site Health

Server Uptime, Security, Updated Plugins, Code Conflicts

Site Optimization

Search Text, Image Size, Site Speed, Mobile Responsiveness

Site Design
+ Experience

Features, Wireframes, Designs, Development

Visual Feedback and Support

Click on any part of your site and leave your feedback rather than wasting time describing the problem or idea. You can prioritize your request and work with your site manager to accomplish it.


Click on any part of your site and leave your feedback rather than wasting time describing the problem or idea. See where your request is in line.

Need to create a site from scratch?

No problem, we can recommend a group of blocks that works for the strategy, production and support of your new website.

Pricing Plans

The Maintainer

$100.00 / month

Plan includes:
  • 24/7 Uptime and Hosting
  • Plugin Maintenance
  • Collective Hour of Support

The Optimizer

$500.00 / month

Plan includes:
  • All Features From Basic Plan Plus
  • SEO Optimization and Report
  • 5 Collective Hour of Support Tickets

The Webmaster

$1,000.00 / month

Plan includes:
  • All Features From Optimizer Plan Plus
  • Design & Build 1 page a month
  • 10 Collective Hours of Support Tickets

Custom Support Blocks

Need more than our standard plans? Pick the number of blocks that meet your need. We can change the number of blocks per month as your needs change.

Platforms We Support

WordPress Hosting

$25.00 / month

  • Hosting powered by WPEngine
  • Auto-renewing SSL and SSH access
  • Global CDN
  • Daily Backups
  • Staging and dev. environments

Work Samples