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SEO is a term that is thrown around a lot in the marketing space. It’s one of those terms that you probably know is important and although you’ve heard it often, are you still a little confused on what it means and why it matters?


What is SEO?

Those three important letters stand for Search Engine Optimization, aka figuring out the best strategy to get your rankings as high as possible on Google and other search engines. Google is quite obviously the leader on all things search engine, so they’re recommendations, trends, and patterns are typically what SEO experts are looking to mimic in order to get your rankings as high as possible.


How Does this Relate to Content Development?

Leveraging content marketing when it comes to maximizing your SEO is no longer just about creating plenty of content with the right keywords. Instead, it’s crucial to be creating quality, thought-leadership content that provides immense value to your customers. With Google’s new semantic search approach and their new initiative “Hummingbird” it’s just about impossible to have quality SEO without quality content. The reason for this is the emphasis on the semantic search. 

Google is quite literally now scanning websites, articles, blogs, and other media to see if you’re actually talking about the keywords you’re emphasizing. Are you actually providing value and knowledge to your customers or audience through your blog? Is your website full of hidden keywords without any real context around them? Google is getting better and better at detecting the value of the content you’re producing, therefore, it’s more important than ever to be producing consistent, quality content. 


What Does this Mean for My Content Marketing Strategy?

There are 4 things your content marketing or SEO content development strategy

should include:


– Quality over quantity

– Consistent and accurate keyword research

– Delivering content that includes those keywords

– Providing real value to your audience that establishes your brand as a thought-leader.


We fully believe in the Content Hub concept in order to raise your SEO through content development. We have a 5-step process that can help get you there.


1. We learn about your business, target customer and begin keyword research.


2. We create not only a keyword report for you, but actually tell you the types of content that need to be produced in order to drive traffic to your site and raise your SEO.


3. We begin with 1, 2, or 3 new pages added to your site each month that are tailored to your specific keyword and SEO needs.


4. Based on those pages, we will development blog articles and social media posts that all point back to your new SEO pages, creating a mini content hub for you every single month.


5. At the end of each month you’ll receive a report with: Engagement levels over the past month, a Content Calendar for the following month, as well as anything we may need going forward from you.


With this SEO content development strategy, we’ll help to raise your rankings AND provide real value to your customers, while establishing your brand or business in a greater way in your target market.


Interested in getting started? Shoot us a message anytime!

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