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The cornerstone of any content marketing strategy is free, downloadable content you can offer as a value-add to your clients and potential customers. This kind of content also signals your thought leadership and the value you bring to your industry. It is also incredibly time-consuming to create.

When you work with Breezy, we make providing this content as simple as uploading it to your website. That’s because we do it all from concept creation to design and packaging. We’ll create these downloadable, premium resources from start to finish for you each month to use as lead magnets, resources for your current customers, or even as completely free content to promote on your social media platforms or website.

So what kinds of content marketing premium resources does Breezy create?

eBooks: Much like the kind you love to read on your Kindle, the eBooks we create are in-depth, well-researched books on big concepts in your industry. It could be a future-thinking book about where you see your industry going in the next ten years and how your business is planning to tackle that future. It could be an analysis of current market trends. It could be an in-depth introductory guide to your industry. Whatever the topic, we can write about it.

eGuides: These are shorter, more specific version downloadable longform content you can provide. eGuides cover topics that are too long for a blog post, but not long enough for a book. If you are a leisure time store, it could be on the best chemicals to use in your pool or hot tub. If you are a dog groomer, it could be about how to maintain your animal’s coat and nails in between grooming sessions. If you are an HVAC company, it could be about how to choose the best unit for your needs.

Tipsheets: Top 10 Things You Need to Know Right Now. How to Create A Product Your Client’s Will Love. How to Spot a Great Deal When You See It. Tipsheets are something everyone loves to read because they give them useful information quickly and easily. They could be blog posts but are generally more useful as a download because, once downloaded, they become more easily accessible by people who want to use the content regularly.

Infographics: A beautifully created infographic is a powerful piece of content. Data means a lot more if people are able to picture what it means, and a well-designed infographic does just that. Data geeks and designers have also been known to create posters out of their favorite data visualizations and there are websites created just to show off great infographics. This is a piece of content people love and love to share.

Anything else you can think of: Is there a piece of content you have always wanted to create but never had the time to tackle it? That’s where we come in. We can put our content creation expertise to work to make your dreams a reality.

At Breezy, we will work hand in hand to ensure that your premium, downloadable content is not only in line with your content marketing strategy, but is beautiful and shareable as well.

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