How To Use Video Blog Posts to Maximize Content Marketing Efforts

When it comes to content marketing, your biggest pain point probably isn’t a lack of something to say, but not knowing how to say it and what mediums to use to get it out into the world. The other challenge is creating enough content to sustain your content machine and continue those marketing efforts. We know as small business owners ourselves how valuable your time is and you want to make the most of it, with everything, but especially your content marketing efforts. That’s why using mediums like video blog posts, that can be built from already existing content are SO valuable. What do we mean by this? Read on!

So, you probably already know that having a blog is an essential part of content marketing. If you don’t know why or how it can benefit your business, you can read more about that here in our latest post. But, do you know what a video blog post is? This is a way to take your favorite blog posts and turn them into a completely new piece of content, with very little effort.

Some benefits of using this medium include:

– Communicating an important idea in your business or organization in a new way.

– Extremely mobile and social media friendly.

– Minimal effort to create something completely new because the content already exists.

– Being able to re-use or re-comunicate past ideas from your blog or article in a fresh way.

– Taking written text and creating a more engaging and exciting medium with video to draw more of your audience in.

– Another way of promoting the actual blog post to educate your audience and drive traffic to your site.

You may be wondering what the process of creating a video blog post looks like and it’s actually really simple!

Steps to creating a video blog post:

1. Find one of your current blog posts or articles that you really want to emphasize for your business. It can be current or it can even be from a long ago archive that you want to reiterate again.

2. Pick out some key points from the post that are most important to communicate. These should each be 1-2 sentences max. You want these points to be quick and to the point.

3. Combine the points in your favorite video editing software with photos or stock video and music.

4. Publish it on your social platforms or YouTube channel.

What this is really all about is content recycling – an extremely important tool for a busy small business owner or entrepreneur. Finding ways to continue to use some of the same or similar content over and over again in fresh ways, will make your content marketing efforts go farther and create less stress for you in the process.

Next week, we’ll be talking more about content recycling and how you can use and benefit from this idea. Stay tuned! If you’d like more info on video blog posts or how easy it is for us to create one for you, feel free to reach out anytime.

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