Breezy Content Announces Expansion with the Launch of Breezy Sites Under The Breezy Company

ATLANTA, GA, AUG 8, 2023

Breezy Content, recognized for its steadfast commitment to quality content services since 2019, has proudly unveiled its new venture, Breezy Sites, as part of The Breezy Company’s expanding portfolio. With a commitment to addressing the diverse needs of clients, ranging from local restaurants to professional financial consultants, Breezy Sites aims to bridge a gap observed in today’s digital market.

Over the years, Breezy Content has built enduring relationships with hundreds of clients, providing consistent support for their content needs. Savannah, Co-Founder and Partner at Breezy Content reflected on this journey:

"In the 4.5 years since our inception, we've enhanced content marketing for numerous businesses. Many, especially startups, needed more than just content. Breezy Sites is our solution, helping businesses build their dream marketing team cost-effectively. Our overarching goal is to streamline the marketing process, making it scalable, efficient, and as our name suggests—breezy."

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"Throughout the years, working with various brands has been immensely fulfilling. The chance to expand Breezy brands to include website support and design felt like a natural progression. My expertise lies in technology, from small marketing websites to large enterprise platforms. By merging our strengths in marketing, content, and web development, we're poised to support growing businesses and those seeking white label services."

Steve Soto, Josh Webb, and Savannah Abney collaboratively steered the birth of Breezy Sites, a solution to the often overlooked aspect of consistent website maintenance. Packages offered by Breezy Sites have been designed with precision. The objective is to accommodate the varied requirements of businesses, be they nascent startups or established entities. Each package promises regular updates focusing on multiple facets like SEO, speed, user experience, design, and messaging.

"A company's website isn't just a static fixture. It's meant to grow and adapt. Our monthly goals encompass speed optimization, SEO enhancements, and design tweaks. Our focus isn't just on the present task but on the long-term vision."

With the dual offerings of content and website maintenance under The Breezy Company, clients are equipped with a comprehensive toolkit for digital prominence. The intent is clear: to make the process of online marketing and maintenance feel “breezy.”

About The Breezy Company:
The Breezy Company streamlines the marketing process by providing scalable marketing departments for your business.

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"So what's great about Breezy is that if you are comfortable taking on new clients, it's really easy to do that. If you are super creative person like me it's fun to explore your copywriting and content creation skills."
Lisa Meskimen
Content Creator

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