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Did you know that your website needs to be more than just a homepage, blog, and service pages? And if you haven’t created your pages to take advantage of the benefits of SEO content, your site is definitely not being seen by the people you want. A basic website is a great first step but, in order to bring your business to new heights, a more robust, consistently optimized website is needed.

Your website is probably great for the people who find you because they are looking for you. Unfortunately for you, this group of people is probably limited to your current customers. In order to expand your customer base and find new leads, you need to have target-specific content that will be impossible to ignore by someone conducting a search for your product or service. That means it needs to be: a) specific to them and b) on the first page of their results.

Adding consistent, SEO-friendly content pages to your website will ensure that more people see your website by raising your rankings on Google, making it more likely that you will generate qualified leads and find potential customers through search.

At Breezy, we know how to take your website to the next level. Steps like adding audience-specific landing pages and revamping website content to sound natural while being optimized for search engines is our jam. When we tackle a project for your website, we work closely with you to make sure our projects are aligned with your goals and that you are happy with the tone and feel of the text we create.

We don’t want your website to stop sounding like you, we just want to make sure that more people are introduced to all the ways you could make their lives better. All we need from you are the keywords that you are looking to rank for, and we take it from there. We can even help you figure out if there are any more you should add to your list.

We can match the existing tone of your website while dropping in SEO-friendly content across your site, or we can completely revamp your content from top to bottom.

We can update your current audience-specific landing pages to help them convert better or we can help you create new ones to draw in new customers.

To find new customers, you don’t need to work harder but your website does. We can make sure your website is the workhorse you need it to be to bring in the clients you work hard to serve.

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