Content Marketing: Why You Should Care More About Consistency Than Campaigns


When you think of marketing, what tactics do you think of as creating the most success? Is it a commercial? Is it a post on social media? Is it a promotional campaign? 

A common misconception is that a big campaign is going to get your business the most sales out of any marketing method. However, that’s not the case over the long haul. In fact, we see consistency beat a big splash year in and year out. 

Marketing is an ongoing process and shouldn’t be seen as a campaign or a one-time effort. A lot of businesses look at their marketing as…

Oh, we have this product, this service, this thing we need to push…so let’s launch a campaign.” 

This creates a hampster wheel of campaigns that might find some success for a time, but not over the long haul. This means the business never establishes real credibility, authority, or thought leadership because they just come and go with their sporadic ad campaigns throughout the year.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to start looking at your business’s marketing in a different light.

The Benefits of a Monthly Marketing Approach

1. Cost and Efficiency

One of the main benefits of a monthly marketing process is cost efficiency. By adopting a regular schedule, businesses can better manage their resources and budget. Campaigns typically end up being more expensive because you’re putting in a ton of effort and resources all at once, putting strain on your cash flow. When there’s not already a consistent marking budget that’s happening every month, you’ll end up having some up-and-down swings in your finances.

A consistent monthly approach helps smooth out these financial demands and ensures more stable and predictable spending. The planning and execution of marketing strategies become more streamlined with a monthly approach. Resources such as staff time, creative assets, and promotional budgets can be allocated more efficiently. By avoiding the intense bursts of activity associated with short-term campaigns, organizations can reduce the risk of burnout among their teams and maintain a steady workflow.

2. Quality Assurance

Maintaining a monthly schedule also ensures a higher quality of marketing materials. When marketing efforts are spread out over time, there are more opportunities for refinement and improvement. You or your team can get into a flow that guarantees the highest quality content every time. Plus, with the majority of your marketing budget going toward content, you can invest more time and resources into perfecting it. 

Then, with the added time you have, you can use analytics, audience reactions, and other performance metrics to make adjustments to your strategy. The only thing better than a well-planned content marketing strategy is one that has been improved based on performance data. You can continue to review and fine-tune your content based on how it does, helping perfect it over time. 

3. Building Credibility and Authority

The main issue with seeing marketing as a series of campaigns is that it fails to establish long-term credibility. Many businesses view marketing as a temporary push for a new product or service. However, this results in marketing efforts that come and go, never building sustained authority or thought leadership. 

Instead, by prioritizing consistent, ongoing content marketing, you can position your business as a stable and reliable source in your field. Consistently posting content is crucial if you want to become a trustworthy, go-to source for your clients, potential customers, and industry peers. 

Establishing credibility and authority is something that every single business needs to do, especially if you’re in a service-based field. If you’re in a highly competitive space, becoming a trusted source may just be what pushes you to become a buyer’s choice over one of your competitors. 

4. Consistency Beats One Big Splash

A regular marketing approach ensures that your audience remains engaged with your brand. A big splash is going to do one thing: make a splash that’s forgotten as quickly as it started. But what does work? Like waves, consistency is a repetitive force that keeps coming back. Consistency will give you a better chance at staying fresh in your audience’s minds, connecting with new customers, and gradually expanding your social presence. 

Let’s say you have a friend who only reaches out to you every blue moon. It’s much harder to keep up that relationship compared to somebody who texts you every other week. Even if they’re a long-distance friend, it’s the consistency that really keeps the relationship going, not the big splashes. It’s not the friend that sends you flowers or a gift once a year that means the most, it’s the relationship you have with the person who you consistently talk to and spend time with. 

Similarly, a brand that consistently engages with its audience maintains stronger relationships than one that only appears sporadically. Regular content and interactions keep the audience connected and invested in the brand’s story and services.

Clarifications and Advice For Consistency

Differentiating Ongoing Content from Branding

We also often see clients mix up the ideas of branding and ongoing content. There is a really distinct difference, although both are important. 

Branding is about establishing a unique image and identity for a business. It involves defining who you are as a company and what you stand for. 

On the other hand, content marketing is about consistently delivering valuable information to engage and retain your audience. While both are crucial, a consistent content marketing strategy supports and reinforces your branding. 

The Role of Consistency in SEO

A key piece of consistency is how it impacts search engine optimation (SEO). If you haven’t been posting and then decide to drop a campaign, you’re not going to see great results. You haven’t built a foundation for your campaign to be successful. But, if you’ve been routinely putting out fresh content, then you’ve made it clear to Google (or any search engine)...

“Hey, we’re here, we have valuable insights, and you should show our content to everyone.”

Building Stronger Relationships Through Regular Engagement

Regular engagement is going to create stronger relationships between your brand and your audience than a big campaign ever could. With content marketing, you’re directly interacting with your audience, especially when it’s through social media, podcasts, or email marketing. This is obviously different from a campaign where you’re talking to your customers instead of talking with them. Consistency wins again by helping you build deeper relationships with your current and potential clients.

Enhancing Campaign Effectiveness with a Foundation of Consistency

Consistent content marketing isn’t just essential for all of the reasons we’ve already looked at, but to help those one-time campaigns be more successful when they are needed. 

If you’ve been consistently publishing quality content, this has built a solid foundation for a special campaign. If your brand is already fresh in your audience’s mind because of your frequent, valuable posts, they’re more likely to be interested in and remember a campaign. Don’t count out campaigns, just lay a foundation of consistency before starting one. 

How Breezy Can Help Your Consistency

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