Content Marketing Trends We Expect to See

content marketing trends

2020 was a wild ride for everyone. Our experiences, classes, work, and social interactions all began exclusively happening online. This is going to continue for the foreseeable future, if not forever in some ways. That’s why content marketing in 2021 will be more crucial than any year before.

To prepare for this year and what’s to come, here are some content marketing trends we are expecting to see. 

Content Marketing Trends

And We’re Live!

It seemed like overnight, millions of people were suddenly doubling, even tripling their time online. Between school, work, and social time, we all turned our focus to the digital world more than we ever have before. Because of this, there was suddenly more traffic on the web than many digital marketers had seen and we had to adjust our approaches to stand out. That’s one reason why we’re expecting to see more live content this year too.

From videos to webinars, courses and featured snippets, your live content will have a big impact in 2021. If you’ve never done live content before, now is the time. 

Bet On SEO

More than ever, SEO is playing a critical role in how the world is moving. People are rushing to the internet every day with questions they need answers to and to check the latest news. That’s where SEO plays such a huge role. As you optimize your content for SEO, keep in mind what your target audience will be searching for and how to bring them in with informative content rather than a sales pitch. 

Along those lines, this is a great opportunity to repurpose some of your content, another trend we’re likely to see. By re-working content that you’ve already created and repurposing it in a different format or with a different spin, you can increase your volume of SEO content and bring in more visitors than you would simply by letting your old content sit there. 

Documented Content Marketing Strategies

We know from studies that some of the key reasons one business is more successful than another is the use of documented content marketing strategies. Gone are the days of spontaneous content marketing strategies. Instead, you have to plan out strategically how and when you post content, what content you post, and what the purpose of your content is. 

Consider creating a content marketing calendar where you and your team can plan out the content you publish and the campaigns you run. You should also make plans to assess the analytics on a regular basis. That can help you plan out your next move. 

Improving Content Experience

Have you ever clicked on a link only to be taken to a website that doesn’t work well, doesn’t flow well, or doesn’t present the content in an aesthetically pleasing way? That won’t work in 2021 with so many more people having high expectations of online content. You need to put some focus into your content experience. That includes the mobile experience too. 

Some companies will also start using AI-powered copy in place of traditional copywriters. We are already seeing this in online customer service, so it stands to reason it will soon be a powerful tool in content marketing. Many content marketers will also be relying on dynamic web stories to grab and hold a visitors attention. Consider creating a library of dynamic web stories to keep traffic steadily flowing. 

Content Communities

While this focuses more on the backend of the content, it’s worth noting that content communities will progressively make an impact on the digital world. Think of communities like those on Slack that allow for easy communication between team members and simplified team strategizing. 

By creating a community of content creators, you tap into a much wider audience because, in theory, each content creator would have a following. By allowing them to collaborate, you will see this wider net cast and catching the attention of a greater portion of the internet traffic. 

A Focus On Values

Finally, this last year showed us all what we value, both in our personal lives and in the businesses we support. Companies and content marketers will have to make their values known through their content. 

By focusing on your values, you not only bring in customers who hold those same values. You will also have a clear light guiding your business through the twists and turns that 2021 is sure to bring. As we go through this year of content creation, remember that you will have to work harder to stand above the crowd. But if you apply some of the trends before they catch on, you’ll have a leg up on the competition and your dedicated followers will be sure to be right there supporting you in the journey. 

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