Why Creating Content Is Easier and Harder Than Ever Before


Content is easier than ever to create, but harder to make meaningful. With the number of resources available in the palm of our hands, creating content has become very accessible. Plus, with the introduction of AI that has the capabilities to create graphics, images, videos, and more, content creation is more achievable than ever before.

However, just because AI can make content, it doesn’t mean that content is good. At this point, it tends to be fairly clear what is artificially made straight from a standard AI program. People can tell when writing sounds a bit too “unhuman”for lack of a better word or when the hands of those in videos still look a little wonky.

More importantly, what makes content special is the human connection that comes with it. Whether people watch you in videos, read your words in blogs and captions, or listen to your voice on a podcast, they are engaged because they’re connecting with another person. Don’t let the easy route of creating generic content sway you. While AI tools aren’t something to be afraid of and should be leveraged, it’s how they are used and in the right ways that really matters. 

Ok, Got It. But, How Do I Make Amazing, Engaging Content for My Business?

Great question! The majority of content that we see that performs well has at least one of three elements. These three core pillars of engaging content are social, saveable, and shareable. Let’s break down each one.


The term “social” can mean so many different things, but in this case, we’re talking about people. Your audience wants to see real people, real faces, and real storytelling. This can mean photos of employees, client success stories, videos of you speaking to the audience, etc. Social just stands for content that lets customers know the people behind the brand. Think about the content that you like to see when you scroll on social media. We’re guessing it’s videos of real people talking about real experiences. That’s because storytelling is one of the most effective ways to reach an audience. Facts that are told with storytelling are remembered up to 22 times more than if they are told without.  When brainstorming what content you should make, don’t overlook simply recording yourself telling a story. One of the best ways to form a real connection with your audience is to show the real you. That is more easily achieved when you’re open to posting yourself and other aspects of your brand.


Creating content that is “saveable” requires a certain level of value to be provided to compel someone to save it. You want to post something that they feel they can keep coming back to. Saveable content features practical knowledge, insider information, and expert advice.  This type of content can include checklists, how-tos, timelines for completing a task, step-by-step tutorials, etc.  In a lot of cases, savable content on social media can be much more useful than a Google search. This is because it tends to be easier to follow along with someone who feels like they’re just another person giving you advice. There’s not exactly a formula to follow to make your content saveable. However, you can follow best practices to give it a better chance. Post quality content that is educational, informative, and valuable enough to make someone feel like they’ll need it later. 


You know when you see a piece of content and something compels you to share it onto your feed, your story, or directly with a friend? Well, the goal should be for your own content to have that same effect.  You want your audience to see a graphic and find it valuable enough to deem it worthy to be shared with others. Or, a comedic video that they found funny enough to repost.  Remember, your content is for them, not you. So the messages included in the content should be relatable to your target audience. By posting content that includes strong statements that people can resonate with, you have a higher chance of getting shares. Post content that make them think “oh my gosh, me too!” 

Why Social, Saveable, and Shareable Content is Necessary to Capture People’s Attention

No matter what it is–a silly video, a meme, an infographic, if it doesn’t capture your audience’s attention, they’re going to scroll past. This applies to all of your content in general as well. If you continuously post content that isn’t getting their attention, they’re going to get used to scrolling past your brand. Or, they’re just going to unfollow you. 

Aiming for your content to hit these three pillars is going to almost guarantee that your content stays fresh and doesn’t annoy your followers. Catching people’s attention is the first battle, the second is keeping it. 

Make sure your content is not only providing value but also gaining that necessary attention that’s needed to draw people in. 

How Breezy Can Create Valuable Content For You

Hitting these three pillars in your content can be hard when your job isn’t content creation. Luckily, we can help you with that. We know how to make content that is social, saveable, and shareable–it’s literally our job. So, if you don’t know where to start, you don’t have enough time, or you just don’t want to do it plain and simple, we can make your content for you. 

If you’re interested in hitting these three pillars without stressing about doing it all on your own, then Breezy can help. Ready to get started? Click here.

Ready to Launch a Content Marketing Plan for Your Small Business?


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