What Kind of Content Marketing is Best?

what kind of content marketing is best?

Making an impact in your industry, online, world is more important than ever. Having the right blend of content is the key to doing just that. If you’ve decided to start investing in content marketing, you may find yourself wondering “What kind of content marketing is best?” or “What will get me the most bang for my buck?” or even “What would work best for my business?”

Having a variety of content can help your brand to get more visibility and make it easier for people to find out what you have to offer. It’s about asking what type of content marketing promotes your business effectively and knowing the different content marketing types to choose from when you want to make a splash in your campaigns.

There are many different forms of content marketing. This is true. . And you can have success with each strategy if it aligns with your business goals and buyer personas. In this article, we review a few of the most popular types of content marketing and show which ones get the best results for specific goals.

What Kind of Content Marketing is Best?


Creating a blog on your website is one of the most effective ways to improve keyword rankings. A blog gives you the ability to add fresh content to your site regularly, attracting visitors and improving search engine optimization (SEO). This is important on two fronts. It helps boost organic traffic to your site, but also can help draw attention to specific products or services that you want to promote.

Optimizing your content means structuring the text for search engines, resulting in higher rankings for related keywords. Your blog posts should describe a problem that is relevant to your target audience and offer a solution — namely your product or service.

Video & Vlog

Video blogs, or vlogs, are another medium that allows you to build a rapport with your viewers and to better understand what their needs are. You can then take all of these things and create not only helpful blog content, but also videos, webinars, and white papers for the people who have taken the time to learn about your company and what is doing in the community. When we engage directly with our audience through interactive video, we provide them with a clear picture of who we are and where we’re going. If used correctly, it can become one of the most important tools in your arsenal for gaining an audience.

A shorter format, like Instagram Reels, can be an excellent way to engage your audience, build trust, and prove your expertise. Whether you’re trying to convey a new concept, introduce a new product, or announce upcoming changes (or simply make people smile); the right video will bring in more traffic and create more leads for your brand.

Social Media & Influencers

When you are choosing the influencer to work with, it’s important to think about why you want them associated with your content and how they will affect your audience. While a micro-influencer isn’t going to have the same reach as some of the bigger influencers, they can be extremely beneficial for brand awareness if used correctly. When reaching out to influencers, stay away from contracts and other legal documents. Instead opt for friendly emails and personal connections so both parties feel comfortable and can focus on their end goal: helping you spread your message.

In the social media marketing world, there is a common saying: test and measure. This means if you are curious about something, you should test it to see what happens.

As an affiliate marketer, you have to figure out what your audience resonates with the most and replicate it often, while also making sure to vary the mediums enough to avoid boredom. It’s easy to get carried away in promoting only one thing and losing traffic. You want people to keep coming back. Show them what else you have on offer that interests them via engaging content found on your blog or website’s home page.

Longer Form Lead Generation Content

This includes content like downloadable PDFs, eBooks, and case studies. When it comes to lead generation, most business owners think about their website, social media pages, and Google Ads being the places where they’re going to get people in exchange for information. They forget about one of the best organic lead generation tools on the internet: longer-form content like downloadable PDFs, eBooks, and case studies (content that is longer than 1,500 words). While there are many other factors to consider such as message, formatting, and your audience’s conversion path, long-form content is just as effective for building trust and attracting prospects as much as it is for conversions. It makes it easy for your readers to get what you’re saying, while not asking them to do anything extra.

If you’re looking to get results from your content marketing efforts, as well as saving time and internal resources, then you need a professional content marketing team that knows how to create content, promote it, and measure its success. We take the guesswork out of social media content marketing and creation. Learn more about how Breezy can make content marketing simple and easy for you and your company here.

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