What is White-Label Content Marketing?

White-label content marketing is a powerful tool to bring new services to your agency, without the overhead and pain of hiring more team members, digging into additional resources, and spending capital you may or may not have.

White-label content marketing consists of a content company providing content marketing services on behalf of an agency or consultant’s clients as an extension of their team. 

This is perfect for small agencies who want to provide additional services, perhaps social media and blog writing, for their clients, but don’t currently have the bandwidth or employees to do so. It also includes SEO-friendly website copy, whitepapers, guides, creating content calendars, and strategy as well.

What are the Benefits of White-Label Content Marketing?

There are numerous benefits for marketing agencies and consultants to use white-label content marketing. WL content marketing is a great way to provide additional services to your clients without building a team. For small agencies, this gives your company the flexibility of adding additional services without all the hassles involved in building a team, such as hiring, payroll, and HR headaches.

Some other benefits include:

Fill a need that your clients have been asking for, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and retention

Add additional revenue streams for your business

Gain an entire content marketing team overnight without standard hiring protocols

Offer more services to your offerings

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What Makes White-Label Content Marketing Unique?

WL content marketing is a unique service in that the content creation agency never brings up their own company or branding throughout the process. This means that for your small agency, it will truly feel like an extension of your own team. For small businesses, this is often a priority. It is a great option in these situations.

Depending on the situation, the WL content marketing agency may interact directly with the client. In other situations, they may be instructed to only work directly with the agency or marketing consultant themselves. Your agency may work directly with the WL content marketing agency to ensure the terms and conditions of the agreement. It is flexible and can be adapted to meet the individual needs of your agency!

How Does Breezys White-Label Content Marketing work?

Interested in learning more about WL content marketing and how it can help your company? Breezy’s white-label content marketing program is a US-based content marketing team that is available to help your small business provide new offerings while allowing you to choose your price point for the work. Learn more about how it can help take your agency to new levels

Its easy to say that I can take care of social media and content creation on my own but if you are anything like me it ends up getting put on the backburner. I highly recommend this team and glad that Breezy is in my life.
Chris Beer
B.Well Consulting

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