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Looking to Scale Your Marketing Consultant Business? We Can Help!

You’re a busy marketing consultant already wearing many different hats but looking to scale your process to continue to provide more services, to more clients and grow your business. We’re a content creation firm with teams that can help you with everything from white label content for your clients to becoming a part of your team to working directly with clients.

You don’t need to bring on expensive new team members to expand your services. You don’t need to bring on expensive new team members to create custom content pieces for each and every one of your clients.

You need Breezy.

Our virtual team acts as a white-label content creation solution for marketing consultants and small marketing businesses. We’ll become a part of your marketing consultant team, just like an additional employee would, without the added cost of hiring more people. We bring together SEO content, blog writing, social media management, content graphic design, and lead generation content that will meet all of your client needs.

What You Get When You Work With Breezy

When you work with Breezy, you get many benefits above and beyond the stellar content we create for you.

Expand your service options.

There are a few ways to expand your service options. You can work more hours. You can stop taking on new clients to free up your time. You can hire more people. OR you can hire Breezy. We can take things off your plate so you can focus on growing your business.

Expand your marketing consultant team without additional payroll costs.

Hiring new employees is expensive. From payroll costs to any benefit offerings you may have, there’s more to the cost of a new employee than just the salary. Working with Breezy saves you those costs, and gets you a bigger team for a better price.

Someone who can handle a job from start to finish.

When you hire Breezy, you don’t have to worry about anything. You give us an assignment, and we give you a product. We take care of everything from strategy to analytics so you can focus on your client.

Control over the terms of the partnership.

We can be white-label content creators. We can be a full member of your team. We can even work directly with your clients. You have the flexibility to decide what our role is and how it best fits in with your business strategy.

At Breezy, we know how much you do for your clients. We’re here to help you create the daily content your clients need, but that you may not have time to execute, so you can focus on what your clients really hired you for: guiding their marketing strategy. Whether you want to build your client base, expand your portfolio of services, or just have time to focus more on your current clients, we can help take things off of your plate so you can make that happen. Drop us a line today and see how easy it can be to take your business places you’ve only imagined.

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