How to Practically Implement Content Distribution Strategy

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You’re convinced a content distribution strategy is for you. But you’re stuck thinking about how to get started. Luckily, a content distribution strategy isn’t a complicated system. It’s actually rather simple. Where most people get hung up is simply starting.

The easiest place to start is with a brainstorming session. Carve out 1-2 hours to brainstorm what idea, concept, trend or view that you want to communicate to your audience. Next, document your thoughts and ideas around this topic. You could write them down, video yourself talking about them or record you and your team discussing the idea.

TIP: Start with long-form content in whatever way is most comfortable to you. We highly recommend video because of all the ways it can be used, but the most important part is just to start with what you’re comfortable with.

Next, hand off your content to your team who can create it in many forms. This is also a great place to find a partner that can help you with this part.

TIP: Decide ahead of time whether you will use your internal team or enlist the help of an outside partner. Either way, you need someone you can hand this off to that can create everything you need and get it off your plate!

Once your long-form content is created and handed off to the team, they can begin repurposing it in different forms. What is created will depend on the type of long-form: video, written, or podcast. Let’s take a look at what can be done with a long-form video.

  • Full-Length video is edited and goes to your YouTube Channel, social platforms (FB, IGTV, and LinkedIn especially), a landing page, and even pay-per-click or a promoted campaign on social.
  • A downloadable eGuide can be created next. This can live on your landing page and be promoted in a variety of places, including a pop up on your site.
  • Next, come blog posts – we recommend trying to create at least four blogs from the content you have. A simple way to do this is to get the full-length video transcribed into written text and then have a writer create blog posts from the transcript with other supporting materials.
  • Social content is last in the content stream. Everything from short snippets of the main video, to quote graphics pulled from the speaker to infographics, quick tidbits, sharing the eGuide, and continuing to promote the main video.

Each and every piece of that content – and it’s a lot of content – came from one concentrated session of 1-2 hours of recording yourself talking. A content distribution strategy is a great way to use your time smartly while ensuring that your message reaches your audience in a way they connect with.

Download our free guide here.  Or listen is as our CCO, Savannah Abney, explains more about the benefits of a content distribution strategy below.

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