Frequently asked questions

It’s important to us to establish a great relationship with you and your team right out of the gate. It all starts with our kick-off call that includes a member of our leadership team, your dedicated Content Creator and anyone from your team that you would like to join.

In that call, we’ll walk through the Exploration Document that helps us learn more about you, your brand, your goals and also helps us get some logistical info from you.

From there, we’ll begin working through the onboarding process which includes a research phase, copy samples, visual samples, and more. From the kick-off call, allow 2-2.5 business weeks before seeing finalized content for approval.

Once we have approval on the initial items, we’ll begin publishing and working on the rest of the month’s calendar.

While different pieces of content require different turnaround times, we target 5-7 business days to create and deliver your new awesome content piece!
If you are on a subscription plan, you will receive all of the items in your plan by the last business day of the week, so you’ll have time to review all of your content before it is published the following week.

We never post on a client’s behalf without approval, except when told to do so. Typically the first 3-6 months are the learning curve of getting acquainted with our process and our team learning your business and brand. After this time frame, many clients opt to forego the approval process and allow us to continue creating and publishing on our own so they can focus on other things.

If you’d like to continue having complete approval after this point and for the foreseeable future, that is completely your prerogative.

Your subscription to Breezy will be billed monthly via the CC you set up through our reoccurring invoice system.

Absolutely! A member of our team would be happy to chat with you and answer any questions. Schedule a completely free consultation at any time.


Want to know about what we offer and creating your own content marketing team? Let’s chat! Send us a message anytime. 

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