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SEO and Blog Copywriting

Depending on your package choice, we will create blog posts and SEO content landing pages for your website every month. These will always be determined and focused on the business objectives for that given season of your organization. We brainstorm and strategize the content, do all research, writing, and editing for you. We even publish everything through your website and promote these on your social platforms.

Social Media Management

Everyone knows they need a presence on social media but creating a strategy, content calendar and then actually executing it is a different story. From start to finish, we handle all things social media for you. We’ll make a game plan for each month that includes a complete plan that is informed by your business goals, other marketing strategies, events, and more. We create the social copy, design everything, publish all posts and track the analytics for you too in our custom dashboard. You can rest easy that your social media is in good hands!

Graphic Design

From social media graphics, to lead magnets, like e-books, tip sheets and more, our designers have got you covered. We’ll create designs and images that reflect your brand, work well with the content initiative, and grab your audience’s attention.

Lead-Generation Content

This is the whole point of content marketing right? Generating more qualified leads! There are quite a few mediums and methods that we use to create this and there’s truly no limit to what lead-generation content can be. From eBooks, to eGuides, Tipsheets, and case studies, to checklists and cheat sheets, we’ll help you create lead magnets that provide value to your audience and help you engage more qualified leads.


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