Benefits of a Content Distribution Strategy

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You’re incredibly busy. Running a business, leading your team, putting out fires all in addition to trying market your business can feel overwhelming. To add yet another piece to the puzzle of creating consistent content may feel like it’s never going to happen. But, a content distribution strategy might be just the thing you need to create on-going content without a lot of time invested.


Why a Content Distribution Strategy?


A content distribution strategy is a content strategy that truly gives you a lot of ‘bang for your buck.’ Imagine investing only 1-2 hours a month to get on-going content. We promise it’s not too good to be true. There are tons of benefits to a content distribution strategy. Check out 3 of the main benefits below.


Benefit #1: Save Time

Instead of having to sit down and create tons of different smaller pieces of content, you can simply invest 1-2 hours of time recording, writing, or videoing yourself talking about the topic or idea that you want to share with your audience. This one piece of long-form content can then be handed off to your team and used to create multiple pieces of shorter, smaller content that can be released over a long period of time. By investing just 1-2 hours on the front end, you can end up creating content for an entire month, saving you tons of time and resources.


Benefit #2: Establish a Focus

When you have an idea, concept or thought you want to share, it’s important that it is distributed in many different ways in order to get your point across. If you have something important to say to your audience, one time and in one way won’t be enough. If it takes seven touches to create a viable lead, creating just one piece of content with your message isn’t enough. By creating many different types of content out of one larger piece, it will automatically give your content strategy the focus it needs.


Benefit #3: Grow Engagement

A content distribution strategy encourages people to engage with you and your business because they are seeing your message over and over across the many channels they are following. It also increases the chances of your audience actually seeing the content you produce. Rarely will one person see every single video, blog post and piece of social content around an idea. They might see it once or twice. A content distribution strategy allows you to spread your net wider.


The key part of this strategy is creating different pieces of content in many different mediums. Why is this important? Every member of your audience doesn’t enjoy the same forms of content, because everyone is different and takes in information differently. Some enjoy reading articles, others would rather watch a video or maybe listen to a podcast. By creating content in many different forms, you have a greater chance of meeting your audience where they are and helping them to engage with what you’re talking about.


Investing the time to strategize on what long-form piece of content to produce, creating it and then being able to hand it off to be repurposed in multiple ways is an excellent time investment that will actually end up saving you time as well as creating a bigger impact on your target audience with a well-crafted and focused message.


Want more tips on creating a content distribution strategy?

Download our free guide here.  Or listen is as our CCO, Savannah Abney, explains more about the benefits of a content distribution strategy below.

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