A Simple Way to Start Creating Content

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It’s time to start creating content. You have a ton of knowledge and expertise, but actually getting all that out of your brain and into the world is easier said than done.

There is a simple way to start taking what’s in your head and begin creating the kind of content you want to deliver to your audience though! What is it?


Brain Dump

When it comes to creating on-going content, you may be feeling overwhelmed. We get it! The process of explaining the information in your head to others can be frustrating and intimidating. Going from an idea to packaged content takes some effort, but all you need to do to begin the process is to start with a brain dump.


What is a Brain Dump?

It is literally just like it sounds — dumping out all of the information, knowledge, expertise, ideas, and more that you have on a particular subject or trend.


A brain dump allows you to get all your ideas and thoughts out in a simple way. It puts you in the position to actually start doing something with the ideas that have been rolling around in your head for who knows how long! And in our experience, brain dumps lift a lot of that overwhelming feeling too. When you actually get everything out – in whatever form you choose – it feels like it’s actually possible to create something from it!


There is no perfect way to do this, but they’re a few steps you can follow to get started.


Choose Your Method

You will need to choose your preferred method of recording your thoughts. Whether you prefer pen and paper, using your phone to jot down bullet points, or recording yourself talk, try to figure out what will work best for you. Being able to get the most out of your brain dump begins with your method. It should allow you to express not only the most ideas but the best ideas. 


Choose Your Environment

Along with the method you use, you will also need to choose an environment for your brain dump. You will need a location that will allow you to be productive, free of things you know will distract you. Some people prefer complete silence, and some prefer background noise. Your brain dump environment needs to be what works best for you!


Don’t Make it Pretty

At this point, you are only getting your ideas out and recording them. No need to make it pretty! Skip the formatting and editing you would normally do. You don’t need a perfect piece of content yet. Be confident in knowing that your brain dump can be executed in a way that is most effective for you. The whole process of a brain dump begins and ends with your preferences. It’s about working with yourself to access your ideas and expert knowledge. You can work on the optics and flow of your information once you begin creating the content in a more in-depth way.


As a leader in your industry, your voice and content need to be heard! Whether it’s for a personal brand or helping establish your company in your industry – it’s crucial that you get your own original content out into space you’re in.


Getting that information into effective content can be a daunting task. But, if you simply begin with a brain dump, your content will start to come together. You will be able to take the ideas and thoughts you get out of a brain dump to then create specific topics for future content.


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Content is really the lifeblood of a lot of our campaigns and they make things super easy, organized and streamlined, in a way that takes a lot of pressure off of us.
Chris Strange
Principal at Helios Digital Agency

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