5 Content Marketing Ideas for Authors

content ideas for authors

Writing and publishing a book looks a bit different nowadays than it once did. In years past, when an author signed with a publisher the majority of promotion and marketing was arranged by the publisher. However, with the advent and prevalence of social media today, most authors are expected to take care of their book promotion themselves. That’s why understand content marketing for authors is so key.

The growth of self-publishing has also created a need for authors to take control of their own marketing efforts to spread awareness about the presence as an author, release of new books, events, and more.

If you’ve written a book, you probably understand both the expectation and the challenge. It’s not easy to effectively market a book, especially when you’re doing the promotion yourself. Many authors find themselves thoroughly confused when it’s time to start selling their books. 

Building a name for yourself as an author and getting your book into the hands of readers is hard. However, by leveraging the power of content marketing, you can promote yourself and your book(s) and get them to the audience you’re looking to target. 

Let’s dive into 5 content marketing ideas for authors! But first...

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is…

  • Producing on-going content to demonstrate subject-matter expertise and knowledge in your given industry or space.
  • The goal is to educate, entertain, or engage your audience in some way.
  • The entire focus is providing your audience with valuable content that will improve their life, business, problem, etc.
For authors, content marketing involves drawing people in and helping them feel like they’ve discovered an incredible new book. It allows you to promote your book in a way that feels like an “a-ha!” for your audience. They are introduced to you and your book through your content, which is focused on the promotion of your book as well as connecting on a personal level with potential readers. 
Overall, content marketing is used to attract readers to your book. Once they are curious about your latest work and are interested in connecting with you, they may subscribe to your email newsletter, frequent your website, or follow you on social media. All with the intention of not only growing book sales but building a loyal fan base for the many releases you’ll have in the future. Content marketing is an important tool that gives you a leg up as an author. 

Top Content Ideas for Authors

Understanding that content marketing for authors is important is one thing – knowing how to create and launch effective content that makes your target audience aware of you and your book is another. Here are some top content ideas for authors that you can use in your marketing strategy:

Write/Publish Articles and Blog Posts

One of the most popular content marketing tools is an article or blog post. It’s a great way to attract your target audience and showcase your brand. Writing and publishing articles and blog posts gives you the opportunity to reach the people that are most likely to connect with you and your book. You’ll be able to show them who you are, what your message is, and the types of things that make up your overall brand. Publish your articles on your website or collaborate with other blogs to write guest posts and increase your reach. Write and publish relevant articles that will be valuable to your target market and make them interested in the different things you have to offer, including your book. 

Create and Share Social Media Posts

Social media is a non-negotiable these days. Almost everyone utilizes at least one social media platform, making this resource one of the best ways to reach your target audience. 

Choose the social media sites that you want to maintain a presence on. Create consistent, quality, and relevant content to share on your profiles in order to make people aware of you and your book. Not only will you have an opportunity to create and share well-planned expert content that showcases your niche, but you’ll also be able to regularly share about your book.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have Story options that give you the ability to share temporary stationary posts and videos. You can create your own or re-share any that other people have tagged you in. This is a great way to consistently get the word out about your book, connect with readers, and build relationships with other authors. 

Social media content ideas include q&a, updates, behind-the-scenes, giveaways, reposts, shares of your favorite things, and more. Use these tools to your advantage to connect with your audience and engage with them.

Make Videos

Videos are rapidly becoming the most popular form of content out there. Audiences appreciate the ability to watch well-made videos as a way to gain information and discover new things. Both short and long-form videos are an effective content tool. They can be shared on your website, on social media, and YouTube.

Your videos can be anything from interviews to funny takes on video trends to information on your book. Fun and unique video ideas for authors include sharing props from your book, showcasing costumes that characters would wear, and putting together a “movie cast” of your book’s characters. These are fun and original ways to share about your book and pique the interest of people. Just make sure your videos are original and well-made in order to see the best results. 

Cover Reveals

Another way to increase your audience and build excitement around your book is through a cover reveal. This can be hosted on social media or through your email newsletter, and makes a great way to stir up interest. 

Share ahead of time that a cover reveal is coming. You can even create Story polls to ask your audience what they think your cover will look like. Mix a contest into the event (closest cover idea wins a free copy of my new book!) and you’ll see your reach and engagement increase exponentially. 

Send Out Regular Email Newsletters

One of the best ways to keep you and your book in the mind of your audience is by regularly sending out email newsletters. While the people on your email list tend to be those who have already heard of you, they might not really understand you or your book yet. It’s important to keep nurturing these leads, to share who you are and what you and your book are all about. 

With regular email newsletters, you’ll be able to send great content out consistently to your audience. These emails can include written articles, niche-based videos or memes, as well as book-related information. Discuss your book, share release dates, announce giveaways, include fun bits such as character quizzes, recipes, and games. 

Your emails are the perfect way to stay in touch and ensure that your audience is ready to pre-order your book. 

Your book is written and ready to go. You’ve accomplished a great deal by getting to this place. Now, it’s time to market it and make sure it has a ready audience patiently waiting. 

Marketing may not be your forte, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it well. By choosing some of the most effective content marketing ideas, you can ensure that your book has a number of fans standing by. 

Content is really the lifeblood of a lot of our campaigns and they make things super easy, organized and streamlined, in a way that takes a lot of pressure off of us.
Chris Strange
Principal at Helios Digital Agency

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