10 Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you’re likely familiar with leveraging content marketing for your business. Whether you use social media, a blog, or other mediums to do so, you understand the importance of remaining top of mind for your clients and providing ongoing education and value to them.

However, the longer you are in an industry, the more difficult it can be to come up with new content. We get it! And while it would be nice if we could say some industries are exempt from this, unfortunately, that isn’t the case – even for those in the real estate space. 

This can be especially true when you are juggling multiple responsibilities between managing the day-to-day of your real estate business, running different open houses, updating listings, and so much more.

However, It’s important to schedule time for your content marketing because there is simply no other more affordable or effective solution to engage your current customers and capture the attention of new ones. To make it easy, we’re providing 10 content marketing ideas for real estate agents below.

The Basics of Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents

If you haven’t taken a dive into the content marketing pool yet, no problem! Take a look at this quick breakdown of the basics.

Determine Your Audience


Is your audience local or national? Are they just starting on their home buying journey, are they at the end of the search, or are you targeting everyone? What kind of price point are you looking to sell or help your clients buy at? And what information do those clients need to make an educated purchase?

Take the time to not just think about your audience, but understand who they are, their motivations, and how these can affect their buying/selling decisions. This will be a huge part of what drives your content marketing strategy. 

Think About Your Marketing Channels and Frequency


How many marketing channels do you currently have? How many marketing channels are you willing to take on in addition? And how often do you have the bandwidth to create content for each of them?

Before getting started with crafting content, it’s important to take a step back and look at what would be realistic for you and your team. Diversifying your media and posting regularly (i.e., weekly, or biweekly blog posts accompanied by 4 social media posts a week) will efficiently engage your audience. From there, you’ll be able to craft a marketing content calendar to keep you on track.

Get Started


Now that you have a plan, you can start to think about what content you want to create.

10 Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

So now that you have the content marketing basics down, let’s look at 10 content marketing ideas for real estate agents that you can implement across your channels right away!

Blog Posts

Blog posts are not a new marketing concept, but they are easy to overlook, especially if you feel stronger with other marketing strategies. The benefit of having real estate-focused content on your firm’s blog is that you can use it to optimize SEO. By doing this, your posts will consistently show up in Google search results and will drive traffic to your site. The viewers of your blog will be prompted to view other areas of your site, including your listings and other pages, and you’ll begin to generate regular visitors to your page.

Visual Content

The beauty of the real estate industry is that you can tell the story visually. Instead of only focusing on word content and listing descriptions, tell your story through images of beautiful properties. You can mix up your image content by not only showcasing your properties, but also sharing photos from the community, images of the area, or even photos of your team. First impressions are everything when it comes to real estate, which makes it crucial to ensure that your content is portraying images that showcase your brand.

Virtual Tours

Grab the attention of your audience early by giving them a sneak preview, or behind-the-scenes view, of what a home looks like inside. This can capture potential buyers that may not have been initially looking, to begin with or buyers that may have overlooked or completely missed the initial listing. The real estate industry is a competitive one, so pique the interest of your audience early by taking your viewers on a tour of your property, ultimately helping build your credibility.

Real Estate Listings

It’s easy to become so caught up in diversifying your real estate marketing content to keep your audience engaged, but don’t neglect including real estate listings themselves. Prospective buyers are regularly viewing Zillow and, so why not try to shift their focus to your media? That way you can be their first stop for new local listings for their property search!

Virtual Staging

Not to be confused with virtual tours, allowing your prospective buyers to utilize virtual staging is a new and innovative marketing strategy to engage with your audience. You can link to this feature on your blog, social media, or directly on your website. This interactive feature allows your audience to use augmented and virtual reality to craft an open house experience that matches their aesthetic and style. Prospective buyers can choose from over 100,000 furniture and household items to personalize and decorate a property they are considering.

Customer Testimonials

Many content marketing ideas involve engaging your existing audience who have been looking for a home but haven’t yet found the right one. But what about expanding that audience even more to new clients? That’s what customer testimonials are great for. Your existing customers are your best advocate. By adding real quotes from your customers, video testimonials about their experience working with your firm, and success stories about how they found their perfect property with your help, you’ll be able to not only sell more homes but also capture the attention of new customers. Word-of-mouth content marketing is one of the most powerful strategies out there.


Customers want diverse content, yet they want content that feels meaningful and can help them with their search. Infographics and fact sheets are a great way to diversify your marketing materials. Homebuyers love a quick checklist, a worksheet, an FAQ page, a glossary of real estate terms they may hear, and any other short one-pagers. These provide an opportunity for customer illustrations and visual artwork that can break up the heavy written content on your media.

Seminars and Webinars

Another content marketing idea for real estate is playing into event marketing. Hosting a seminar or webinar for a prospective homebuyer is no cost to you, but a great way to engage your audience differently. This gives you face-to-face time with your customers and shows them that you care about helping with their search. Since this is a different marketing strategy than other content, you can also appeal to a new audience that may respond best to this strategy.


By forming a partnership with a local business, you can double your reach. Not only will you be promoting their business to your audience, which mixes up your marketing content, but your partner will be doing the same. When you do this, your traffic will likely increase because the audience of your business partner is likely different from the ones that you have been targeting to date.

Ongoing Email Newsletter

The beauty of a regular, scheduled email newsletter is that it provides your customers with a scheduled time to view your content. If they haven’t had the time to visit your website, check out your social media, or attend an open house, they will still always have this newsletter sent to them regularly. You can opt to do this monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly – whatever feels right for your real estate firm. Within this newsletter, you can highlight your top listings, advertise open houses, notify your audience of any upcoming events, and even share infographics. This marketing idea allows you to incorporate many of the other ideas we’ve outlined in this list, all in one place.

We hope these content marketing ideas for real estate agents are helpful but know that you don’t  need to tackle it alone! At Breezy Content, we can handle the creativity, organization, and administration of your marketing content so you can focus your energy on running your real estate business, rather than your content marketing.

Let us help you grow your real estate traffic and help turn prospective customers into real ones. To get started, reach out to our Breezy Content team today.

Its easy to say that I can take care of social media and content creation on my own but if you are anything like me it ends up getting put on the backburner. I highly recommend this team and glad that Breezy is in my life.
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