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Savannah Abney

Partner | Chief Content Officer

Creating consistent, value-based content for your audience is no easy task - especially over a long period of time. Three years ago, I began to recognize the real need that my freelance clients had for a more comprehensive content solution than just one or two people could provide. When searching for this solution alongside my former colleague, we quickly realized there was a gap in the market around an affordable content solution. We partnered together to launch Breezy to help small businesses, startups, and agencies build content machines that drive brand awareness, establish credibility and fuel business growth.


Josh Webb

Partner | Chief Marketing Officer

As a business owner, I understand the frustration of knowing you have a great product that people don’t seem to understand. I have been creating brand experiences since 2001. Since that time I have worked as an agency Creative Director and entrepreneur, helping top-tier brands transform complex business requirements into creative strategies that get results. As a marketing strategist, I have worked with over 500 organizations to help them flesh out their offerings and realize their unique vision. I started Breezy with Savannah because I was constantly recommending on-going content as part of my client strategies, but they simply couldn't do it.


Steve Soto


From his early days in Silicon Valley, introduced to computing in 1978, Steve Soto has been at the forefront of technology innovation. As a high school junior, he founded his first software company, which funded his Electrical Engineering studies at San Jose State University. In 1985, he joined Electronic Data Systems, quickly moving from operations to system programming and systems security, while managing a company that specialized in bespoke software solutions for the financial sector. Over the years, Steve has held influential roles in several Fortune 500 companies and startups, including Electronic Data Systems, Meridian Data (Adaptec), and Hitachi, Ltd. He also contributed to significant projects at Procom Technology (now part of Oracle via Sun), ApplianceWare, Inc., and Clear Health Pass. Steve co-founded, driven by his passion for creating technological solutions that align with complex business needs. In addition to his professional endeavors, he is actively involved in industry standard groups, holds board positions at various non-profits, and serves as a technical advisor for senior citizens in Miami. A father of two and an avid scuba diver, chef, and global traveler, Steve’s journey in tech continues to be marked by his commitment to innovation and community engagement.

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Emilie Hunter

Content Creator Director

Not only do I love creating content, I love helping other creators getting even better at their craft as well. I get the opportunity to work with our entire team and all of our clients to ensure they have the highest quality and most valuable content possible. See businesses and people grow through my role is truly rewarding.

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